While we are witnessing and analyzing what I at least take to be the slow-motion trainwreck that will be Windows 8/RT and the Surface RT tablet, it is worth bringing back to mind for a moment another already full-fledged trainwreck that is Windows Phone thus far. Nokia is still only selling Lumia phones at a 1 […]

[I first wrote this post on Google+ over here. Click through for more discussion and Curation there as well.] I’ve been collecting my thoughts on the Microsoft “Surface” “tablet” since it was announced yesterday, and rather than trying to gel it into a longer coherent post, here’s the key points, rapid-fire, not necessarily in any […]

[From a previous Amplify curation post “Very perceptive post about the potential for a new kind of Search on Facebook”, with UPDATES added below.] [Screencap from profitboostonline.com/fb/ under “Fair Use – Parody” ;) ] Social Ads for the most part do not work, because the click-through rates are so abysmally low. But this concept outlined […]

[From a previous Amplify curation post.] Jeff Jarvis is pointing out several excellent recent examples of changing journalism practices in the age of the Real-Time Web, and ever more rapid Content Decay (that’s why they call it “old news”…). Is the news article becoming a luxury, and mere byproduct of other, larger reporting and #Curation […]

Kickstarter project crowd-funding is a fantastic example of how you can still sell, even when everything (at least in the digital/content realm) is trending toward $0/FREE. 1) Notice the way that the Kickstarter set-up allows for “donation” sales of $1, what I call pure Impulse Purchase territory: The amount is low enough that the vast […]

If you care about #mobile and smartphones at all, it is crucial that you fully appreciate the depth of what is going on with Google’s Android strategy (which is why I’ve clipped a lot of key excerpts from this great post; by all means keep an eye on Bill Gurley, his stuff is usually excellent […]

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