as predicted by my recent post on "Why Creating A New Habit Is So Hard", I haven’t quite been entirely able to lay off of the "Quick Hits" posts to Posterous. Still working on modifying that habit to posting here instead… :)

Since we wouldn’t want you to miss anything important, these were the most recent offerings:


Read and profit. Feel free to share.

63 thoughts on “Round-up of recent *Quick Hits* Business Mindhacks on Posterous

  1. Why creating a new habit is hard.. Its a unique topic which you explained good. I also read Daniel Coyle book that was one of a wonderful books I’ve read. I’ll be visiting your blog regularly hereafter.

  2. I never read all of the Daniel Coyole books except The Talent code.. It was quite interesting to read. Nice explanation with good language..very decently written.

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