StomperNet Live #3 Atlanta Highlights, continued from the previous post:

Last but not least, Brad Fallon gave another rendition of his by now "honed-to-a-fine-edge" FreeIQ speech, with the twist of laying out paint-by-the-numbers strategies for making money with FreeIQ during the last half hour or so. If you haven’t seen the "basic" FreeIQ speech yet (and trust me, there is nothing basic about it), you can find it -> here. By the way, it is a great idea to sign up for FreeIQ, it’s free…

Another thing he added in the beginning when getting into his "Fire > Wheel > Affiliate Marketing" bit, was a little fact I had never heard of before. He mentioned a gentleman by the name of Otto Frederick Rohwedder, 1880-1960, challenging the audience to know who this was. No one did. Do you know who he his?

I didn’t either.

Turns out he is the inventor of sliced bread. :) And actually, he didn’t even get rich from his invention. Wonderbread did, starting about 18 years after his invention. Priceless! And then Brad got into how FreeIQ was going to be Sliced Bread 2.0… well, of course I had to go the next day and check, and lo-and-behold, the domain name was still available. You are looking at the proud owner of

The Rohwedder bit is a worthy addition to Brad’s collection of Vince Lombardi, Wayne Gretzky, and Mario Andretti quotes. I love the Andretti one the most: "If you have everything under control, you are not moving fast enough."

I could go on but better stop… what a fantastic conference.

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  1. You’re very welcome. FreeIQ is going to rock, they’re really still in Beta and have a few things to iron out, but once they launch it to their and other’s lists to the tune of 100’s of 1,000’s of names, it will be big. Very big. (Incredibly they have already signed up tons of people just from word of mouth.) Good to be an early adopter.

    Also check out

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