Just wanted to alert you to this tid-bit I found yesterday, to draw attention to the impact that a well orchestrated product launch with heavy-duty, high-quality "Moving The Freeline" elements can have:

When I went over to Alexa.com yesterday to do a query re: Microsoft vs. Yahoo social "attempts" traffic (unfortunately Alexa doesn’t segment out sub-domains, so I actually couldn’t find anything separate/useful for 360.yahoo.com and spaces.live.com), the default query that was shown was a bit of a surprise:

Turns out that apparently StomperNets current launch created a % move in the daily reach for May second only to Proflowers.com, which of course had that spike tied to Mother’s Day. Not bad for an Internet Marketing niche membership/coaching business.

Bottom line is, "Moving The Freeline" and giving away high-quality content in your marketing  activities works, and can work extremely well if you do it right. StomperNet’s success should give pause to the current ground-swell of "free/freemium" nay-sayers that like to claim it can’t be done.

I’d say they just don’t like competing on the basis of superior quality. Best of luck to Brad Fallon and Andy Jenkins for their (re)launch, not like they need it. But hey, "the servers could melt" on launch day… :)

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