Highlights from StomperNet Live #3, Atlanta

StomperNet, the slightly pricey Search Engine Optimization and Internet Marketing "Club" that I happen to be a member of, just had its 3rd conference in Atlanta, over a period of three days.

I just got back yesterday (and am still digesting everything while trying to get back on track with everyday pursuits), and figured you’d get a kick out of some of the, admittedly arbitrary highlights. Here goes:

The top honors go to Eben Pagan, AKA David Deangelo, who created a $20 Million-a-year information publishing business in a dating niche with his "Double Your Dating" series of eBooks and CD/DVD programs in six years.

(By the way, if you dare check over at his site, doubleyourdating.com, you will find that there is hardly a visual to be found on his entire site… no fancy header graphics, no gimmicks, no nothing, only the occasional cover image of his books and products. So anyone claiming that they can’t make money online on account of lacking in the Web artistry department should take notice.)

But we’re not here to talk about Eben’s actual business, but about the business expertise he has amassed while building it, which he freely shared during his keynote address (he didn’t even have anything to pitch, other than a brief mention of his high end business building program that will at some point in the future be found at getaltitude.com). Continue reading “Highlights from StomperNet Live #3, Atlanta”