Just as predicted by my recent post on "Why Creating A New Habit Is So Hard", I haven’t quite been entirely able to lay off of the "Quick Hits" posts to Posterous. Still working on modifying that habit to posting here instead… :) Since we wouldn’t want you to miss anything important, these were the […]

Rupert Murdoch in a speech he gave in China entitled The All-You-Can-Consume-For-Free Internet Era Is Over recently said a lot of “not-very-nice” things about the Internet and Internet related companies that I fervently disagree with. Here the most relevant excerpts (my BOLD highlights): There are many readers who believe that they are paying for content […]

Anti-"Moving the Free Line" blogger Hank Williams (no, not that Hank Williams) argues in a recent post on his "Why does everything suck?" blog that YouTube is a scourge, has no business model, and that in the pending lawsuit against them over alleged copyright infringements by way of things such as small clips of The Daily […]

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