Today, September 23, marks the beginning of the 100 day countdown until the end of the year. This means that as of this evening you have 99 days plus a few hours left to finish out the year strong. (Read my original post on why 100 Day countdowns are meaningful and actually work here.) As […]

My experiment with the WordPress-Theme-based Redirect Engine/URL shortener (REUS) has kept me rather busy for almost a month now, but additional valuable insights were gained in the process. And even though this solution is initially a bit more labor intensive (taking only about 35 minutes or so to set up), creating a “Roll Your Own” […]

2nd UPDATE: Since this post came out, I have written a follow-up post digging deeper into my subsequent findings and explaining 10 Reasons To “Roll Your Own” TinyURL Using WordPress, and have also created an “install instructions only, no rationales” version for your convenience. — OK, haven’t posted in a little while, in part because […]

I had put off writing this post for a while, partly because I wanted to take the time and really give WordPress 2.5 a whirl before bashing it. For several months now I have watched the discussion on the support forums – especially about the much maligned admin back-end changes, run a security "back-porting" […]

Just wanted to update you on a few developments with the back-porting of WordPress 2.5.x security improvements to version 2.3.3. First, I want to emphasize that I did this largely to show that it was possible, and that WordPress (Automattic) should consider rolling out such security fixes for older versions as patches rather than forcing […]

OK, the content of this post is so important that I won’t agonize too much over whether the writing is all that smooth or not. You may have heard any number of things in recent weeks and months about the need to upgrade to WordPress 2.5.x because of security issues with the older versions. In […]

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