CNN Money (I still call them CNNfn) just came out with a killer "Who’s Who" run-down of all things Web2.0, getting you up to speed in everything and everybody that matters in record time (about 30 minutes if you read each of the 50 slide-style pages in the deck, which I suggest you do… it’s that important):

I linked to the page with the, unsurprisingly, #1 ranked Google team of Page, Brin, and Schmidt. You can navigate either backwards (from the top down) or forwards "count-down-style" from there (50th place is next). I found counting down and keeping the guessing game going more fun.

Notably absent (or only indirectly present): Microsoft. I’ve said for a long time that MS has no innovation mojo left (some would argue they never had any to begin with), despite having the largest R&D department and budget of anyone.

They grew into such a giant (organizational size and inefficiency due to complexity correlate directly), all they can do anymore is buy innovation… which they did, by buying aQuantive and their Riax ad-tracking system for rich-media sites to the tune of $6 Billion.

Riax is prorietary sofware (proprietary sofware at Microsoft? No way…), developed by CEO Brian McAndrews, and is – supposedly – "something Google can’t yet match." Well see how long MS takes to screw it up or make it as much of a yawner as everything else they touch: MSN, Zune, Vista, what’s next?

Why would you care? If you are in business you better know not only that Web2.0 and related phenomena and innovations are here to stay, but how they will affect your business, creating either disruption or upside potential for you.

It’s good to be in the know…

Extra benefit… you get to SEE what those people look like that invented the stuff you use everyday… without having to do dozens of Google or other searches… connections, bloodlines and blood feuds, juicy tidbits and major business nuggets… all there for you presented on a silver platter…

Key mentions for Bloggers:

  • Barry Diller is putting together niche sites such as a joint venture with Blog Queen Adriana Huffington (Huffington Post) for a Daily-Show style humor site (#16).
  • Philip Rosedale and his Second Life are the likely vanguard of all future shopping/consumption experiences (#25). And IMO that will include consumption of information such as Blogs
  • Technology-blogger Michael Arrington, Founder of TechCrunch, is influencing the flow of the VC money river (#22). How’s that for the power of the written word and information?

Here’s hoping you have the eyes to see, and profit in turn. Cheers!

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