• check out the brouhaha over at the WordPress.org forum: "2.5 Backend annoying" (and I agree) – http://tinyurl.com/6ldcl7 #
  • post on "Why I am not upgrading to WordPress 2.5" will be forthcoming very soon… 2.5 is dumbed down from a power-user perspective… #
  • just listened to a Schefren call with Shawn Casey &Tellman Knudson promoting their new Listbuilding Series due out 2morrow, good stuff there #
  • WordPress is still stubbornly refusing to fix the HTML tag screw-up issue. The fix, comment out ALL of wpautop in wp-includes/formatting.php #
  • cont’d: except the last line "return $pee;" .. oh yeah & use FCKE Editor plugin for your WYSIWIG editor..I don’t get why they won’t fix it. #
  • cont’d: more threads have been started on the WP support forum about this than anything else, & nothing but lame excuses ever comes back :( #

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