• Did Arrington just miss the biggest key point out of his own (excellent) interview with Citi Analyst Mahaney re: Micro-hoo? [View]
  • cont’d: It wasn’t mentioned as a highlight in the post itself (the summary),but some1 alerted me 2 it in a comment over at the Alley Insider [View]
  • cont’d: "[vs.] Google – that the [..] monetization gap was 60-70%. That’s the 1st time we’d heard [..] Yahoo sign off on this specific gap." [View]

  • cont’d: wowza… I had come close to this same conclusion a few days ago from Google Q1 surprise numbers – http://tinyurl.com/5wfldq [View]
  • cont’d: … but this admission straight from Yahoo is BIG… the reason why Y! would has been considering the outsource move to Google [View]
  • cont’d: they can instantly make about 50-80% more per search!! Real $. Here’s the interview – search on "gap" – http://tinyurl.com/62c6uo [View]
  • cont’d: to be fair, Arrington did mention the cashflow windfall (+25%), but the other number is much more significant in my book.. details.. [View]
  • Comment over at Alley Insider: "Yahoo’s boats don’t float. Microsoft’s boats don’t float. Google is the only builder of boats that float." [View]

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