• just got some major insights into security issues with WordPress..working on porting over key fixes that came with 2.5 into 2.3.3 [View]
  • cont’d: so’s to avoid upgrading (maybe I’ll never upgrade and run a renegade 2.3.3 "i" branch).. yeah, I’m evil like that.. [View]
  • cont’d: in case you didn’t know it, there’s plenty wrong with WordPress 2.5.x – check out the fall-out here: http://is.gd/bMn [View]

  • cont’d: there’s a reason y there’s dozens, even 100s of replies on those 2.5 "annoyance" threads. 2 bad that WP doesn’t seem to b listening. [View]
  • cont’d: next op: get the 1 thing that’s actually useful in 2.5, the multi uploader (images, etc.), hacked into 2.3.3 – can’t be too hard [View]

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