• there is so much unqualified commentary out on Yahoo-MSFT 2day, it’s hard to think straight: most don’t get search, SEO, PPC, monetization [View]
  • cont’d: almost no one understands the per-search monetization gap & falsely mixes it up with scale. If they were right, Y! wouldn’t b able 2 [View]
  • cont’d: profitably (like 60-80%+) outsource ad serves to GOOG, as just tested/proposed. Heck, most of the commentators don’t get ad serves. [View]

  • cont’d: sorry for the rant, my head is spinning a little. Back to basics: Ries & Trout – Immutable Laws of Marketing/Positioning/Brading. [View]
  • cont’d: It’s all in there. All of it. GOOG has "the verb" tip-of-mind awareness 4 crying out loud. "To google something." Market leadership. [View]
  • cont’d: MSFT and Y! have just been spinning their wheels trying to chase, instead of seriously innovating… mee-tooism won’t do. [View]
  • cont’d: If I can edit down my current Micro-hoo "post-mortem post" draft from like 10 pages, I might actually post it tomorrow… :) [View]
  • Good news, the WordPress 2.3.3 security "retro-fit" with 2.5.x code appears to be working so far.. I’ll write a short post about it 2morrow. [View]
  • Wow, WordPress’ Matt Mullenweg personally closed a discussion thread on "2.5 backend annoying" that I was participating on- http://is.gd/cy4 [View]
  • cont’d: Booo? Go check it out, I was 3rd to last post in..this kind of thing doesn’t happen everyday, no? I feel indirectly star-struck.. :) [View]

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