• A slightly hobbled TechCrunch live-cast from MSFT conference underscores how little Bill Gates has learned about the internet in 13 years… [View]
  • … he goes on and on about how "search is a good thing… information at your finger tips"… Gee, ya think? Todays Live Search Cashback… [View]
  • … announcement is simply pathetic from a tech competitiveness perspective: It’s like waving a big white flag at Google: We give up… [View]

  • …someone in a comment over on Techcrunch said it best: "Paying incentives to drive usage is the last refuge of the incompetent." … [View]
  • … Live Search Cashback’s multiple steps making organic adoption less, and system gaming more likely. They also announced a new travel… [View]
  • …"Live Search Farecast"..gee, how came up with that zinger of a brand?!? They just released a memo that they were going to fix branding… [View]
  • …and now this? Misses the "What’s a __?"-Test by a mile. MSFT can make even relatively cool things… uncool. They should call themselves [View]
  • …"Virtual Ice" :) Seriously though… what is up with this? This is what we get from people who say things like "deliver new experiences". [View]
  • "Years from now you may look back on this and say- this is when search got more competitive" – Bill Gates. Are you kidding me? I think I… [View]
  • … am about to have a Lewis Black moment here… well, the applause was quite mild/polite, no wonder given this drivel. Anyone playing… [View]
  • … "corp-speak" Bingo should be yelling "Bingo" every few sentences. Sheeesh. [View]

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