• For anyone interested in cloud computing & why Twitter needs to grow up – fast, this is a must-read on Google architecture http://is.gd/oJ4 [View]
  • BTW, the results are in as to how much of a gimmick Microsoft’s "new" Live Search Cashback program really is: Out of 4 featured items, 2 … [View]
  • …were cheaper on Google without the phony LSCB "discounts" (which MSFT is nice enough to hold in escrow for you for 1-2 months no less)… [View]

  • ..1 was a virtual tie, & 1 was cheaper on LSCB by a lot, though it looked like a regular blow-out sale by the merchant. I’d say case closed. [View]
  • It is kind of sad when you compare this kind of MSFT gimmick to the real innovation work that Google has been doing in its architecture… [View]
  • …as referenced a few min’s ago, 2 make their global search possible. Imagine if MSFT were this committed to e.g. making Windows secure… [View]
  • Working on a major post re: the entire Live Search Cashback mess, many incl. Arrington r getting this wrong & r drinking the MSFT kool-aid. [View]

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