• Twittercasting from Ben Mack/Dr. Cialdini interview call… Ben is grilling him pretty good already, that was a brief "interview honeymoon". [View]
  • 1st thing they started with (during the easy part) was that Charlie Munger, Warren Buffet’s right hand man, appt’ly has been recommending.. [View]
  • … Dr. Cialdini’s work. Dr. C describes how there has been scientific, incontrovertible proof regarding the persuasiveness of requests. [View]

  • They are going in2 the power of rhyming: If people can grasp a message more quickly & remember it more easily, they assume it 2 b more true. [View]
  • More pronounceable companies on the stock exchanges did better over time on average. Simplicity, fluidity, etc. can have a massive impact. [View]
  • Dr. C recommends "Made To Stick". Hopefully you’ve already read that… Ben can’t resist also plugging his own "Poker without cards" as… [View]
  • … more in depth. Typical Ben. :) Dr. C is closing with an emphasis on resonance, rapport, and "liking" to lower people’s barriers. [View]
  • Earlier, we had Ben attack the issue of whether the people that Dr. C had researched were the equivalent of the "lesser criminals" that… [View]
  • ..criminology has as their subject. But Dr. C was quite adept at dispelling this notion, b/c controls for the veracity of the "persuaders".. [View]
  • … were in place. Nice try though Ben… :) [View]
  • Blair Warren is talking about reciprocity in the Q&A segment. Asked himself why so many people fail when trying to apply it. It can fail… [View]
  • … due to misunderstandings about the transaction. [View]

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