• MSFT just got the bag handed to them with the Goo-hoo outsourcing deal, now their left holding it… no clear strategy foward, nada… [View]
  • …get the details of the conference call over at TechCrunch or SAI – http://is.gd/wfO Y! may well have just hardened itself in this crisis. [View]
  • Now the unknown variable is whether Jerry can tighten up the ship enough to do something useful/innovative with the newfound $. Here is an.. [View]

  • … idea: Buy Twitter. Before MSFT does and ruins it/makes it uncool for everyone. Turn Yahoo into a social network from the inside out. [View]
  • The Micro-hoo deal was never a good idea. As I said previously, it would have been the equivalent of two large battleships colliding at a… [View]
  • ..45 degr. angle & expecting them to weld themselves into an aircraft carrier… not going to happen. Yahoo is better off, GOOG is as well.. [View]
  • … did MSFT really just waste 4 months in this outcome?!?! How un-machiavellian of them. It’s downright puzzling. Maybe now they’ll buy… [View]
  • … Facebook. [View]

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