• Rich Schefren is streaming live for the next 24 hours from his office for the launch of his latest report, The Uncertainty Syndrome.. [View]
  • .. watch at http://www.strategicprofits.com/blog/ – I’m listening in the background while skimming the report, will Twittercast any goodies. [View]
  • cont’d: Rich’s little daughter is apparently modeling for Downy, jokes that she may make more money than a lot of internet marketers. [View]
  • Rich is referencing his Dr. Cialdini interview on the issue of Social Bookmarking buttons not getting pressed and social proof: Don’t.. [View]
  • ..make the mistake to tell people that no one is clicking the buttons, as they’ll see it as permission to not click either! Tell them: Even.. [View]

  • ..one more click might make the difference in everyone seeing the information (blog post, etc.) vs. no one seeing it. [View]
  • Just finished skimming Rich Schefren’s new report "The Uncertainty Syndrome" & it doesn’t contain the term "uncertainty" but TWICE. Hunh? [View]
  • I’m confused. Rich promised a ground-breaking report, & most of this is a rehash of ideas from his (admittedly excellent) prior reports. [View]
  • Don’t get me wrong, there are a few valuable nuggets & useful reminders, but nothing that blew me away. Theory of Constraints has been.. [View]
  • ..discussed before. Biggest take aways: 1) Find the true constraint(s)/root cause. 2) Do things wrong fast, as action creates clarity. Rich Schefren.. [View]
  • ..leaves a lot of things unanswered, esp. about the "Uncertainty" factor. I thought he was going to go into how uncertainty can paralyze. [View]
  • From "Made to Stick", chapter 1: "… even irrelevant uncertainty — can paralyze us." Thought Rich Schefren’s report would expand on this. [View]

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