Accelerated Business Coaching Services

  • Archetype Branding Consulting We jointly create your ideal branding formula according to “Forbidden Matrix Branding”, with focus on Brand Story, Organization Mantra and Mission Statements, Elevator Pitches, Product Design, and all Copywriting. For your Personal Brand, Small Business, or larger corporate applications.
  • Meta-Consulting for teams, workgroups and departments in the areas of hiring and team assembly for optimized fit, group process effectiveness, sales, and negotiations.
  • Entrepreneurship Business Coaching – If you love what you do you won’t have to “work” another day in your life! Find the right business for you, one that will leverage your strengths, talents, and uniqueness. Remove any and all blocks to your entrepreneurial aspirations, getting you greater rewards and satisfaction, and more time and freedom to balance your work and your life.

    Do what you love and prosper doing it, by discovering the ideal business goals for you and aligning your mind with these goals for maximum personal effectiveness and motivation.

    We will get you set up not only on the Big Picture front, but also at the detail level with tips and tricks from my own personal “vault” of unique Mindhacks and Lifehacks for Personal Productivity, Motivation, “Fail Fast” Proof of Concept Mindset, and Getting Things Done (GTD).

  • Career Coaching – find the right career for you or significantly increase your impact and satisfaction in your existing career.
  • Accelerated learning and advanced exam taking strategies.
  • Ending minor unwanted behaviors, including:
    • Unwarranted worry or nervousness
    • Fear of Public Speaking, Fear of Flying, etc.
    • Stress Management
  • Many other personal and business applications, contact Alex to find out if he can be of service with your specific issue!

All services are provided conveniently via telephone. I will call you for the sessions, so there are no phone charges to you (as long as it’s not a cell phone, which I do not recommend for the coaching calls anyway due to issues with dropped calls). A headset is required for effortless and safe conversation, if you do not own one I will send you one with your start-up packet.

Payment can be made by Visa/Mastercard via Paypal (Paypal accepts more card types as well as eChecks, even if you are not a Paypal member, and your card information is exclusively handled by them.)