Has Google already capitulated in the Chat App wars?

Two brief items: Messaging Apps are now bigger than social networks
Googles mobile search just got a boost from Facebook

= Google capitulation to the Chat App economy?

The latter deal especially trying to salvage things for search, given that Google+ went nowhere?

The former is sign of my long-held conviction that Google made a massive strategic mistake in trying to “fight the last war” against FB with Google+, while in the process missing out almost completely on the “Messaging Revolution” of recent years, which by virtue of owning Android they SHOULD have owned, or at least fast-followed…

At a minimum Zuckerberg’s willingness to drop $19B (10% of his company!) on WhatsApp last year (2/2014) should have awoken them to the threat, but I’ve never seen much of an effort to even play. Breaking out Hangouts from the tarnished Google+ brand was certainly far too late to matter much.