Accelerated Coaching & Training Results

Read what some of my clients had to say:

Thanks for tonights call. I had a real breakthrough with a problem that had been plaguing me for years as well as some really deep insight into how to handle a problem with a personal relationship that just came up today. It’s a shame this call is at night, I have too much energy to go to sleep!”

– Stephen, Web Entrepreneur

The most important thing I have ever done for my personal development.

– Laura, Real Estate Professional

Alex, the results are in and I passed my state licensing exams with flying colors. On the oral exam, I scored 99 out of 100, and on the written exam, I had the highest score among 105 other candidates who also took the test in December. In fact, my score was 14 points above the next highest score.

Wow!! I am humbled by and proud of these results. I feel our session made this possible by removing the distraction of my fears and test anxiety. The study techniques did the rest. At first, I was skeptical the memorization technique would help with the oral exam. But, I followed it and the results speak for themselves.

– Loretta, Mental Health Professional

Hard to believe how simple this process is and how thin the veils are between the worlds. Anyway, it was powerful and I respect you for doing and offering this work.

– V., Real Estate Professional

I was able to pinpoint problems and issues I did not know were holding me back. I now have a clear relationship with my parents, which was blocked by issues I held between us. I was able to let this all go and we have become much closer. I have gained true self confidence – I thought I was confident before but was really still holding back and covering things up. More results have come as time has passed after our sessions. I am able to see my life in a new light, which serves me well. Thanks Alex.

– Tom, IT Professional

Over the years, I’ve had lackluster success in dealing with some of my anxieties, fears and bouts of bleakness, and ultimately was resigned to just accepting them as a normal part of the human condition. A couple of sessions with Alex dramatically changed my opinion on the subject.

Since our sessions, I’ve been happy to discover a level of freedom and release from the weight of the my worries, and I now see the world in a much fresher and more positive way. I feel healthy, strong and ready to accomplish whatever fancies me, and I would highly recommend to anyone to work with him to overcome their issues.

– Laurie, IT Professional

Also check out what participants from some of our ground-breaking Business Mindhacks Webinar courses had to say:

“The slides printout and the Psychology Arbitrage spreadsheet were just great to have as a reference! I learned quite a bit about myself and why I am struggling at the moment. Thank you, Mike”

“Very useful information for the Internet marketer. The presentation is clear and well delivered… Thanks for the great information, I didn’t mind our length of time at all. I learned a lot. Thank you. – Renate”

“I’m a trainer too and you did an awesome job. … Great Job! – Phoenix, Wealth Manager”

“The powerpoint slides handout was great! It allowed me to listen to you and not concentrate on taking notes. Your spreadsheet is an outstanding tool to help understand how our personality fits into the different marketing methods.”

“I enjoyed the presentation. Interactive presentations, non-monotony, and great topic questions held my interest for a change.”

Obligatory FTC Disclaimer Blurb

In compliance with new FTC rules, I have to remind you that all results shown here are individual and as such non-typical, as would be expected with (highly personal) “personal development” processes. No one can know your own results in advance, and these results are in no way predictive of what you can expect.

For that very reason I offer an unconditional, 100% satisfaction guarantee on all of my coaching and training products (and have done so since the beginning of my practice), so that anyone not satisfied with their individual results can get their money back.

As such, the surest measure of customer satisfaction is my refund rate, which is currently around 6.5%. Everyone else obviously must have gotten sufficient value for them to justify their investment in the coaching or training programs.